A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

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best wholesale supplier for Valentine’s DayWhen it comes to celebrating love, romance, and all things chocolate, Valentine’s Day is the day many couples anticipate. Across North America, and in other places around the world, flowers, candy, and sentimental gifts are exchanged between loved ones and family members. But how did the annual celebration on February 14th begin? Who is St. Valentine, and why was a day made in his memory? As a reminder of how these traditions came about, here’s a brief and interesting history of the lovey-dovey holiday.

The Mysterious St. Valentine

For many years, February has been celebrated as a month of love and affection, and it is widely understood that St. Valentine was the patron saint who inspired the celebration. The origins of St. Valentine’s Day are mysterious and incomplete, but it is known that the traditions began with Christian and Ancient Roman roots. Some legends say Valentine was a priest in third-century Rome who believed it was unjust for Emperor Claudius II to forbid young men from marrying their loves. Valentine performed these marriages anyway but was eventually found out and martyred. Other legends suggest he was killed for helping Christians escape from brutal Roman prisons. One story in particular claims Valentine sent the first “Valentine” greeting before his execution to a woman he loved, signing “From your Valentine” at the end. Whatever the true story may be, the tradition continues to emphasize the heroic and relentless triumph of love.

Modern Traditions of Valentine’s Day

The holiday has transformed since the days of St. Valentine himself to the Middle Ages until now. In the Middle Ages, the people of France and England believed the day was the beginning of birds’ mating season, adding to the concept that the day was meant for romance. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe in countries like Canada, Mexico, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Modern traditions include the greeting of friends and lovers, exchanged gifts, candy, and cards of affection, and even more elaborate gestures such as lavish dates and engagements.

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