Beach Day Must-Haves for Convenience/Grocery Stores

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June 21st marked the first day of summer, which means customers will be packing their bags, grabbing their friends, and heading to their cottages or the local beach. While many customers prepare ahead of time, some are last-minute shoppers, so it’s a good idea to stock up your convenience or grocery store for those pit-stop customers! If you’re wondering what your customers will be looking for as they rush into your store for emergency purchases, here are some of the beach day must-haves you need!


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Summer’s here, it’s hot, and beach days call for hydration! At MVR, your wholesale food supplier in Toronto, there’s no limit to the thirst-quenching products you will find! Whatever you need, we’ve got it. From an assortment of Pepsi drink products, to fruit juice, water, carbonated water, ingredients for iced coffee, teas, and more! If they need ingredients for beach day cocktails or mocktails, we’ve got flavoured syrups, shakers and mixers, ice buckets, fruits, and more!

Ice Cream

This frozen treat is a great way to cool down on the beach, so if your customers are stopping by for a quick treat, you’ll want to stock your freezers with these. We provide an assortment of ice cream, cones, disposable and recyclable cups and containers, and cutlery! We also provide our business clients with tasty syrups, candy toppings, nuts, chocolate chips, and any other topping you may want to have in store.

Sunscreen & Lip Balm

A full day at the beach without sun protection is a big no-no, so to help forgetful customers, make sure you line your cashier-area shelves with sunscreen and lip balm! Keep your customers safe from the sun by stocking up on these products, which you’ll find at our wholesale store.

Chips, Cookies & Snacks

Got hungry customers in need of a sugary or salty fix? MVR can help you out by providing beef jerky, cookies, chips, trail mix, and other tasty snacks that are fun to munch between breakfast and lunch!

Beach Umbrellas & Beach Balls

Stocking up on beach umbrellas and beach balls is a great way to attract outdoors-loving customers. These items can keep them cool in the shade at the beach and give them a fun way to play with their kids. Make this summer the best one for your customers by stocking your store with practical items, and fun ones, too!

Stock Up for Beach Season at MVR Cash and Carry

Ready to stock up on the perfect must-have beach day supplies? Give MVR Cash and Carry a call or visit one of our locations. As convenience store suppliers in Toronto, we choose to keep our wholesale store open for businesses only. Our membership is exclusively for business owners and our inventory is designed to meet all your professional needs. We have the best prices, volume, and brands out there for your restaurant or convenience store. To see our selection of amazing ingredients yourself, visit our Toronto warehouse and ask any of our managers, or even the owner, if you require any assistance at all.

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