Boosting Business with Barbecue!

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With the warm weather fast approaching, now is the perfect time for your business—whether it’s a restaurant, retail business, or charitable organization—to stock up on barbecue supplies; summer is the perfect time to promote yourself by setting up a barbecue tent at a local community event, hosting your own delicious barbecue to raise funds, or by throwing a customer appreciation day barbecue. After all, word of mouth is a great form of advertising—and the taste of a fresh-grilled burger can make quite the compelling argument! Here are a few delicious ways to host your summer barbecue and promote your establishment at the same time:barbeque business

Sporting events

Corporate community sponsorship is one of the most beneficial ways to promote your business and be active in the community. Local soccer, field hockey, baseball and lacrosse teams are gearing up for the summer months—contact your favourite team and offer to sponsor a tent at one or more of their games. Feed the hungry fans some delicious barbecue, promote your business and boost your community involvement at the same time.

Charity events

The start of summer also means the kick-off of many charity drives and fundraisers. Consider volunteering your company’s services to provide donors with fresh-grilled meals to help their cause. Again, you will be providing a helping hand while also promoting your brand.

Community barbecues at the park

You don’t always need an occasion to enjoy a good barbecue. Hosting a community barbecue at a park can be a good way to attract customers as they enjoy the warm, sunny weather. This is a great method to use when introducing new summer menus and is sure to attract new clients with delicious samples.

Barbecue Supplies: What You Need and Where to Get It All


barbecueOnce your venue and event are decided, the next step is to stock up on barbecue supplies. MVR Cash and Carry provides its customers with a variety of supplies to host the perfect summer barbecue:

Portable grills and barbecue supplies

A powerful portable grill will let you create an assembly line of fresh-cooked meat for your customers. The exact size and number of grills you need depends on the expected customer turnout, but you should always have one or two extra to use separately for veggie burgers. Make sure you have appropriate cooking utensils and enough fuel to last for the entire event! MVR Cash and Carry provides all the barbecue supplies you will need, including small portable barbecue grills, charcoal, barbecue lighters, butane, charcoal fuel, utensils to cook with, disposable plastic cutlery, cups, plates, and even citronella candles to fend off mosquitoes!

Meat and barbecue snacks

A quality stock of patties and sausages means grilling up first-class taste every time. In addition to beef burgers and hot dogs, try adding veggie burgers and chicken burgers so you can serve patrons who have dietary restrictions. MVR Cash and Carry supplies delicious frozen and fresh beef and chicken, fresh produce, bread, buns, and a wide range of chips, drinks, and more!

Spices and condiments

Who wants to eat a bland burger? Providing your patrons with a wide range of condiments, spices, and sauces is imperative for any successful barbecue! MVR Cash and Carry supplies a variety of brand-name sauces, oils, dressings, and seasonings and can help you get just what you need to throw a delicious event.


This might seem like an arbitrary item to bring to a barbecue, but think about it; barbecuing is a smoky business—chances are it’s going to get hot in the grill tent. A fan or two will not only help keep your employees or volunteers cool, but they can direct smoke away from customers if the wind decides not to

The best way to secure all of the supplies needed for your business’ barbecue event is to visit MVR Cash and Carry, your local one-stop supply shop with variety. Wholesalers that cater to supplying businesses and restaurants know how to secure the best prices for your goods and will work with you to make sure your barbecue succeeds.

At MVR Cash and Carry, we focus on you, the customer, and how to best meet your business needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you kick off barbecue season.

Boosting Business with Barbecue! MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:40:08 Summer is the perfect time to promote yourself by setting up a barbecue tent at a local community event, hosting your own delicious barbecue to raise funds. blog