Chilled Drink Ingredients for Restaurants

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There’s nothing like wrapping up a hard day at work with a tasty drink on the patio, and even if you’re not a cocktail connoisseur, there are little things that make all the difference. At MVR Cash and Carry, we supply all the ingredients you need to take your drink to the next level. Restaurant owners who want to spice it up with simple tricks will find all the equipment and ingredients necessary to satisfy their customers. Ready to find out what we have to offer? Here are some of the amazing ingredients we have in store!

chilled Drink Ingredients for Restaurants

Cocktail Crazy

Mixing a delicious drink doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re a bar owner or run a family restaurant, making cocktails this summer has never been easier. We supply a wide range of products to help you make quick and easy drinks. Do your customers enjoy drinking Caesars? Our Mr. and Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix is the perfect base. We also offer their line of product flavours so you can make pretty much anything. You’ll also find mix brands like Lynch Bar, and syrups from Torani and Da Vinci to create the most mouth-watering drinks. Tabasco, Angostura Bitters, cherries, olives, and Touch skewers and toothpicks are also in our inventory.

Magnificent Midday Mocktails

Enjoying a mocktail on lunch break is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. That’s why we provide a variety of drinks that taste great on their own or mixed with other juices and sodas. Rubicon Sparkling juice, Country Time lemonade, Minute Maid, and Tropics products line our shelves, so you have all the basics for a tasty non-alcoholic recipe. We also keep things simple by selling non-alcoholic wine and beer, for customers with a simpler palate.

Summertime Slushies

At MVR, we keep in mind that summer is a great time for families to go out and enjoy a good time together. That’s why we also supply ingredients to make slushies for the kids (and the grown-up kids, too). Some of our products include Lynch Slushie Base in eight flavours, Fresh Plus Powder in 18 flavours, and fresh produce to mix. We’ve got all kinds of citrus fruits and berries in our grocery section including strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, limes, lemons, and oranges, and mint and basil for garnish.

Does your restaurant offer takeout items? Stock up on our Dart clear dome and flat lids, clear plastic cups, Stone straws, and plastic recyclable containers so your customers can get back outside and enjoy the weather.

Stock Up for Thirst-Quenching Drinks at MVR Cash and Carry

Ready to stock up on the perfect ingredients for mocktail afternoons and cocktail evenings? Give MVR Cash and Carry a call or visit one of our locations. As restaurant food suppliers in Toronto, we choose to keep our wholesale store open for businesses only. Our membership is exclusively for business owners and our inventory is designed to meet all your professional needs. We have the best prices, volume, and brands out there for your restaurant or convenience store. To see our selection of amazing ingredients yourself, visit our Toronto warehouse and ask any of our managers, or even the owner, if you require any assistance at all.

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