Christmas Desserts for Stocking Stuffers

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Christmas Desserts

This almost the holiday season and there’s no time like the present to get stocked up on all the delicious Christmas goodies your customers will need to fill stockings and bring to parties. If you’re looking to fill your convenience store or grocery store shelves with the widest variety of treats, visit to MVR Cash and Carry’s centre aisle. We’re filling the shelves with new desserts, candies, chocolates, and snacks as they arrive each day, and we have made shopping easy for our customers with our special label designs for Christmas items. Each label is personalized for the specific item, which contains the logo and picture of the item, and is then printed in bright colours so customers can easily identify the items. The holidays don’t have to stress you out, so here are some of the stocking stuffers you will find!

Chocolates and Candy

Many businesses like to get into the holiday spirit by leaving a big bowl of candy at the front desk or register, so visitors and customers can enjoy a treat on their way out. Alternatively, some stores, such as convenience stores, will want to stock their shelves so customers can quickly and easily grab some extra treats when they fill up their gas tank or run quick errands. To satisfy your needs, here are some of the delicious chocolates and candies available at our wholesale store:

  • Whittaker’s bars
  • Perugina Baci (boxes, tubes, bijou, chocolate bars)\\
  • Chocolate pizza
  • Godiva masterpieces bag
  • Godiva Gift baskets
  • M&M’s gift baskets
  • Walker’s shortbread and cookies
  • Chocolate pretzels
  • Hershey Kisses Christmas bulk
  • Lindt Lindor truffles
  • Russell Stover (651 gr) box
  • Whitman’s sampler box (1021 gr) HUGE!
  • Ghirardelli treats gift basket
  • Ferrero Rocher jewel box
  • Spangler (all sizes) flavours: Peppermint, Oreo, Sour Patch
  • Miszko chocolates
  • Advent Calendars
  • Cavendish & Harvey drops
  • Dark Roca and Almond Roca
  • Guylian Opus Luxury Chocolates
  • Guylian Box of Seashells
  • Christmas Pez
  • Laura Secord fudge
  • NHL Candy Canes (Hockey stick shape)
  • La Suissa chocolates (great variety)
  • Hammond’s candy canes and chocolates
  • Crispo chocolates

Panettones, Pandoros & Torrones

At MVR, we supply a variety of delicious desserts, including Italian panettones, pandoros, and torrones. These delicious and traditional holiday treats are perfect gifts for house parties, and they can be enjoyed by families after a big dinner. Stock up your grocery store or sweets shop, or serve them at your coffee shop! Here are some of the delicious brands we supply:

  • Muzzi
  • Alessia
  • Gigi
  • Aurora
  • Scarpato
  • Gran Ducale
  • Festa
  • Pernigotti
  • Tre Marie
  • Albertengo
  • Santangelo
  • Fiasconaro
  • Galup
  • Sorelle Nurzia
  • Pasticceria Milano
  • Motta

Get Stocked for the Holidays at MVR Cash and Carry

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll want to be sure your store is prepared for customers’ candy and chocolate cravings! With our shelves constantly replenished, we are your best one-stop-shop for all things Christmas. MVR Cash and Carry is the best wholesale supplier for everything you’ll need for the holidays. Why are we the best? We are open exclusively for business owners and our inventory is designed to meet all of your professional needs. We have the best prices, volume, and brands out there for your restaurant or convenience store. To see our selection yourself, visit our Toronto warehouse and ask any of our managers, or even the owner, if you require any assistance at all.

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