Delicious Summer Desserts at MVR Cash and Carry

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Whether your customers have a weakness for sweetness or want to cool down from the heat, our wholesale store has all the ingredients you need to make the perfect desserts! Your restaurant or convenience store will be the talk of the town as you create delicious treats from our quality ingredients. Excited to hear what we’ve got in store? Check out these examples of what you will find when you walk through our aisles!

Delicious Summer Desserts

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Smoothie Essentials

There’s nothing as refreshing and energizing as a jumbo smoothie in between meals! Cool down your customers by making your own smoothie using our selection of fruits. Try our Maoli canned pineapple chunks for a kick or our frozen mango, wild blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and strawberries! Any flavour you want to make, you’ll find the right ingredients at our store. We also provide original and flavoured Astro yogurts to make them with a healthy protein boost! If this sounds like too much work, we also provide Blender Boyz’ smoothie mixes in selected flavours, and Kool-Air slushie mix packs for an instant treat.

Cheesecake Delight

In our grocery and cooler sections, you’ll find Philadelphia cream cheese, Graham cracker crusts, sour cream, Nestle condensed milk, Hershey chocolate chips, and any other garnish and flavour boosting ingredient you need to make the perfect cheesecake! Top it off with maraschino cherries or sweet strawberries and blueberries and voila!

I Scream for Ice Cream!

Do your customers love Chapman’s ice cream? We do too! That’s why we’re making your summer dessert menu simple by providing you with selected flavours of this sweet, creamy, sunny day snack! Or, if you want to make your own ice cream, we have all the ingredients you need from egg yolks, sugar, corn flour, double cream, milk, vanilla, and flavourings! Want to serve your frozen desserts in edible dishes? Great! We have Joy cake cone cups and waffle bowls and Sicilian cannoli wraps for cooks who like to get fancy!

Sweet as Candy

For a sweet snack that’s enjoyable on its own, we supply Rock Candy Sticks! Use them to decorate other dessert dishes you serve or serve them on their own. These delicious treats look like sparkling gemstones and are full of flavour. They’re a fun treat for both adults and children, and you can get them in all the colours of the rainbow!

Get Summer Treats at MVR Cash and Carry

MVR Cash and Carry’s wholesale restaurant supply store is your one-stop shop for everything you need to offer the most sweet and refreshing desserts for your customers. We stock the best brands for all the traditional dessert recipes you need, and we provide serving utensils, beverages, and serving trays to make sure the finished product is everything your customers dreamed of.

Why should you choose us as your wholesale supplier? We’re not open to the public! We reserve our membership exclusively for business owners, and our inventory is tailored to meet all your professional needs. We offer the best prices, volume, and brands on the market for your restaurant or convenience store. Visit our Toronto warehouse to see our selection yourself; if you require any assistance at all, ask any of our managers (or even the owner!), and we will do our best to help you.

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