Energy Boosting Food for Catering Companies

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Energy Boosting Food for Catering Companies

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can provide an endless amount of health benefits. The vitamins and nutrients that these foods contain can build your immune system, keep your skin clear, help you sleep better at night, and give you the energy you need to get through the day. This is something that catering companies should keep in mind as well. Catering companies that create tasty but oily or fatty foods end up with a room full of tired, bloated, and sluggish guests. If you are catering company that is managing a wedding, entertainment event, or corporate gala, you will want to make sure your guests are energized to bust a move on the dance floor, maintain intelligent conversations, and feel great all evening. Here are some energy boosting foods that you should include in your dishes.

Thirst Quenching Beverages

Instead of serving regular bottled water, why not give it a bubbly twist with Perrier, Galvanina, Eska, or San Pellegrino carbonated water? Throw in a lemon slice or some cherries, or add it to some fruity punch, and your guests can enjoy the fizzy sensation without the excess sugar that comes with sodas. If you’re looking for natural but sweet drinks to provide your guests, consider stocking up on Country Time lemonade and pink lemonade. There’s nothing like going back to the classics.

Lean Meat for the Main Course

Chicken wings, pastas, and burgers are easy to prepare, but these foods tend to leave people feeling lethargic and overly full. Next time, switch up your menu by adding some Lilly Dale oven roasted turkey or chicken to your main course menu. This lean meat is perfectly seasoned so everyone’s mouth will be watering when you bring it to the table, but it won’t leave them bloated. They will enjoy it so much they won’t even miss the junk food.

Healthy Appetizers and Dessert Toppers

At MVR Cash and Carry, you can find tons of fresh produce that are high in vitamins. Incorporate these foods into your menu and your guests will definitely have the energy they need to enjoy the whole night. And don’t forget about dessert! Our selection of fruit works as delicious dessert toppers, and there’s nothing like dipping a fresh strawberry into a chocolate fondue fountain. Our frozen fruit also makes a nice treat to add to smoothies.

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