Food and Restaurant Trends for 2017

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Food and Restaurant Trends for 2017While 2016 was defined by smoothie bowls, kale, veganism, and coconut everything, food and restaurant trends for 2017 are making a change for the exotic. Thanks to the rise in popularity of West Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, people are getting more cravings for spicier and healthier food.

Eating Together

Whether you live alone or with your family, there’s something to be said about eating together in 2017. Restaurants are tapping into the need for shared plates and family-style menus to encourage the social dining experience. Instead of opting for the single protein, vegetable, and starch entrees, people want to order as many or as few options as possible and share them around with their friends and family.

Main Course Veggies

Meat and starch products have always been the main item on the menu while salads and vegetables shrink to the side of the plates. In 2017, restaurants will be incorporating the greens as the main dish instead of meat. People are getting more health-conscious and interesting in a good balance of fitness and diet—and restaurants don’t want to miss the opportunity to create the most colourful and delicious salad-oriented meals.

A Taste for Turmeric

Various forms of turmeric mixed into dishes are becoming more popular thanks to the spice’s anti-inflammatory properties, health benefits, antioxidants, and cancer-fighting agents. Turmeric has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries, and its bright yellow-orange colour makes it easy to spot in a meal.

Stress Relieving Adaptogens

Adaptogens are derived from herbs, mushrooms, and plants, and help rid the body of stress. These helpful herbal products are becoming more popular in smoothies, oatmeal, and juices, as they relieve stress, support the immune system, aid the digestive system, and encourage healthy blood circulation. So, look for more adaptogens like ginseng, eleuthero, rhodiola, reishi, and schisandra to be incorporated into dishes at restaurants this year.

Food Waste Awareness

Home cooks and restaurant chefs are becoming more conscious about the cost of food, and the amount of waste left behind. Chefs are recycling scraps, using more parts of the ingredients, and preserving or freezing any wasted parts before composting.

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Food and Restaurant Trends for 2017 MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:39:54 These delicious trends for one-of-a-kind dishes will definitely make your mouth water. MVR Cash & Carry is all set to prepare you for the food & restaurant trends in 2017. blog