Get All Your Valentine’s Treats at MVR Cash and Carry

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Valentine’s day is just a month away and the day goes as quickly as it comes, so you should be prepared to serve guests on their special date night! If your restaurant needs to stock up on special ingredients for desserts or dishes, MVR Cash and Carry has everything you need. Here are just some of the delicious treats and supplies you will find at MVR.

Chocolates & Candies

Is chocolate covered strawberries your specialty? Does your catering service set up chocolate fondue fountains for special events? MVR has a wide assortment of chocolates that you can serve on their own, or melt down and create mouthwatering treats. If you have a convenience store, you can stock up on all the chocolates you need to serve last-minute gifters on Valentine’s day. We also provide our customers with candies like M&Ms, Mars bars, Twix packs, flavoured hard candy, Ritter chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, Skor, Lindor, Russel Stover and Palmer, Reese’s, Hershey’s, Glosette, Tic Tacs, and more.

Serving Supplies

After all the candy and chocolate eating, you’ll want to make sure your guests have napkins to clean up after themselves! MVR supplies all kinds of serving supplies including paper cups, paper plates, and plastic utensils. These make clean up after parties and dates extra special.

Flowers and Roses

Whether you’re decorating your restaurant to make it romantic for your guests, or selling them at your convenience store for customers to buy, MVR supplies beautiful roses and flowers. There’s nothing like the traditional gift of flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s day, so be sure to stock up for your customers. Plus, in a restaurant, date nights are even more romantic with a vase of roses on the table during dinner.

Stock Up for Valentine’s Day at MVR Cash and Carry

Although Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways over the years, the sentiments behind the romantic day have remained the same. February 14th is quickly approaching, and you can stock up on all the treats, decorations, and supplies you need at MVR Cash and Carry. Our selection of Valentine’s Day goodies also includes heart-shaped banners, candles, vases, gift bags of all sizes, perfumes, teddy bears, heart-shaped candies, and even frozen, heart-shaped ravioli from Only Pasta!

What makes MVR Cash and Carry the best wholesale supplier for Valentine’s Day is that we’re not open to the public. Our membership is reserved exclusively for business owners, and we have tailored our inventory to meet all your professional needs. We offer unbeatable prices from top brands. Come by our Toronto warehouse store and pick out the best brands for your business. If you have special requests or specific needs, feel free to contact us or look for any of our managers (or even the owner) on the floor and we will be happy to do our utmost to satisfy your needs!

Get All Your Valentine’s Treats at MVR Cash and Carry MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:39:49 Here are some the delicious treats and supplies you can find at MVR Cash and Carry before Valentine’s Day. blog