Get Good Luck for 2016 with New Year’s Dishes

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MVRCashand Carry_image_121815New Year’s Day is a time to look towards the future and wish your friends and family good luck and success in the months to come. Many different foods are eaten at this time and the most important are those that are thought to lead to good luck, wealth, or success. Whether you are catering an event or coming up with special New Year’s dishes at your restaurant, try stocking up on any of these festive foods in order to wish your customers a successful 2016.


Pigs have a curious habit where they will push forward and root through the ground before moving. This forward motion has led pork to become a traditional New Year’s meal as a symbol of progress and advancement. The animal is also seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. By enjoying a succulent pork roast, your customers are said to gain successful financial opportunities in the following year.

Long Noodles

The traditional Asian long noodle is popular in many Eastern cultures, especially in the form of a stir fry. Proper cooking methods dictate that the noodle can never be broken or shortened during the cooking process. This has led to the long noodle as being associated with long life and is eaten on New Year’s to promote health and longevity.


Round fruits play a central role in many New Year’s traditions. The pomegranate, which is said to resemble a human heart and has a massive amount of seeds, represents abundance, life, and fertility. Grapes are small, sweet, and coin-shaped, and eating 12 of them—one for each month—is supposed to bring good fortune. Some cultures, like that of the Philippines, even add a 13th grape for extra luck.

Southern Delights

Legumes are a typical New Year’s food for their resemblance to coins, but black-eyed peas in particular have a special meaning to those from the southern United States. According to legend, when the town of Vicksburg was attacked during the Civil War, residents ran out of food. They were able to survive and fight back by discovering black-eyed peas. The peas are eaten on New Year’s Eve to represent abundance but are eaten on New Year’s Day to symbolize frugality and savings.

Cornbread, another dish from the southern U.S., has a much simpler story behind it. The colour of this food is thought to resemble and attract gold—delicious, delicious gold.


It can hardly be a holiday meal without a traditional dessert, and New Year’s is no exception. Ring-shaped or bunt cakes are thought to represent the idea of “coming full circle” and the beginning and end of a yearly cycle. In Chinese culture, cake also represents prosperity.

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