Get Ready to Scream For Ice Cream

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Scream For Ice Cream- MVR Cash & CarryWinter is over, spring is here, and the weather is only going to get warmer. Now is the perfect time to get stocked up and ready as people begin to clamor for a sweet, cold treat. The only guarantee when you get your ice cream from MVR Cash & Carry is that you can find top quality and top brands. Whether you sell these top-name ice creams by the scoop, cone, bowl, or use them to create custom sundaes, cakes, or other chilly treats is up to you.

New Flavours in Stock

MVR has added several new ice cream products to our shelves that are ready and waiting for your customers. From Sicilian Ice Cream comes 5.7L tubs of smooth, delicious chocolate, vanilla, French vanilla, raspberry, lemon, and mango ice creams. Our stock of frozen purees, courtesy of La Fruitiere, has also expanded to more than double our original number.

Crunchy Cones and Tasty Toppings

Serving ice cream in a bowl is perfectly fine, but when you want something more memorable (and tasty), few things can beat the use of a waffle cone. MVR now stocks specialty cones from Cookie Guys and offers waffle cones that are infused with M&Ms, pretzels, chocolate chips, and more. Since customization lets you better distinguish your ice cream offerings from the competition, we have also expanded our selection of toppings so you can have even more options when making memorable dessert dishes. Choose from fudge brownie bites, chopped cookies n’ cream, cookie dough, chopped M&Ms, and pink and blue fizzy cotton candy. Feel free to top it all off with rainbow sprinkles from Dawn Foods or chopped nuts from Delice de la Foret.

Don’t Forget the Old Favourites

As excited as we are about the new ice cream options available, we also know that we can’t neglect our tried-and-true varieties. In addition to the new products listed above, we still offer all of the old flavours and treats your customers know and love. This includes the original five flavours of La Fruitiere frozen puree, novelty ice cream cones and bowls, and 11.4L buckets of Chapmans ice cream.

Chill Out at MVR

At MVR Cash & Carry, our wholesale store is filled to the brim with everything you need to make your customers scream for ice cream. Whether you sell your ice cream straight from the tub, use it to make sundaes, or snazzy it up with delicious toppings and creative cones, we have the supplies and brands to make it happen.

What makes MVR Cash & Carry the best choice for being your wholesale ice cream supplier is that we are not open to the public. Our membership is reserved exclusively for business owners and we have tailored our inventory to meet all of your professional needs. That means we offer the prices, volume, and top brands that every business wants and needs.

Come by our Toronto warehouse store and pick out the best cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment to get your restaurant into tip-top shape. If you have special requests or specific needs, feel free to look for any of our managers (or even the owner!) on the floor and we will be happy to do the utmost to satisfy your needs. You can also contact us for more information.

Get Ready to Scream For Ice Cream MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:40:00 It’s ice cream season and MVR Cash & Carry has all the goodies you’ll need this summer. blog