Get Your Restaurant in Tip-Top Shape with Spring Cleaning

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Spring has arrived, and now is the ideal time of year to be out with the old, and in with the new! From scrubbing the winter grime off floors and polishing windows, to clearing storage spaces and restocking for your seasonal spring menu, there’s a lot to get done in the next few months. If you get a head start on your spring cleaning, in just a few weeks you’ll be ready for the increase in floor traffic, as customers head to your restaurant to try your delicious spring dishes. But before you can enjoy sparkling floors, and bathrooms that smell like green apple, you need to stock up on all the janitorial cleaning supplies and tools to get the job done right at your Toronto restaurant. Here are some important spring cleaning tips you can’t forget, and where you can find the right restaurants supplies in North York.

Get Your Restaurant in Tip-Top Shape with Spring Cleaning

Prioritize Food Safety

One of the most important part of spring cleaning is food safety. You need to make sure that when your customers take a bite out of your food, they are getting high-quality meals that are sanitary, and safe. To ensure this, your restaurant needs to be clean, and your staff should be trained on food safety and proper hygiene. Spring is a great time to have a follow up meeting to help your staff get up to speed!

Sanitization Is Key

Bacteria is responsible for most foodborne illnesses, which quickly multiplies and can be spread through food, especially when it is at an unsafe temperature. Properly storing meat at the right temperature, checking expiry dates, and cooking meat properly is essential to serving safe food. You should also properly wash and store raw fruits and vegetables, as these can also spread bacteria.

Cleanliness Matters More

Customer service is important to running a good restaurant business, but it won’t make a difference if your facility is dirty and your food is unsafe. You need to get the thumbs-up from food safety inspectors and customers, and make sure your sanitation practices are maintained. This way, you avoid food-related illnesses, keep pests away, and get rave reviews!

Get the Best Cleaning Supplies

Need the right supplies and tools to accomplish your spring cleaning goals? At MVR, we have a special section located in our centre aisle with amazing deals for wipes, dish soap, cleaning pads, sponges, disinfectants, washing machine detergents, floor cleaners and other cleaning items. Our store offers products from Palmolive, Ajax, Gain, Brasso, Clorox, Lysol, Dawn, Dawny and many others.

Make MVR Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Spring Cleaning

At MVR Cash & Carry, you can stock up for all the spring cleaning items on your list, so you can keep your restaurant healthy and safe for your customers. What makes us the best choice for being your restaurant equipment supplier in Toronto is that we are not open to the public. Our membership is reserved exclusively for business owners and we have tailored our inventory to meet all your professional needs. That means we offer the prices, volume, and top brands that every business wants and needs.

Come by our Toronto warehouse store and pick from the best brand-name selection of cleaning products you need. If you have special requests or specific needs, feel free to look for any of our managers (or even the owner!) on the floor and we will be happy to do the utmost to satisfy your needs. You can also contact us for more information.

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