Give Thanks with Our Thanksgiving Stock at MVR

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Thanksgiving wholesale supplierThanksgiving is fast approaching and that means customers are eager to get everything they need to put together their holiday meals. In turn, it’s up to store and grocery owners to meet the demand with top products from the best brands. To make sure you are fully prepared for the Thanksgiving season, MVR Cash & Carry has stocked up on the things everyone needs to put together a mouth-watering meal.

Magnificent Mains

The star of the Thanksgiving meal is always the meat, so look to Glacial Treasure for an assortment of delicious, boneless breasts just waiting to get cooked to perfection. Kraft’s Stove Top turkey and chicken stuffing is readily available for that extra touch of savoury perfection, and the same goes for Franco American’s chicken, beef, and turkey gravy. Throw in a side of Del Monte Cream Corn and Peas, maybe some Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, and your customers will have a one-stop-shop for their big meal.

Satisfying Sides

Although Thanksgiving is known for turkey, that isn’t all that gets eaten. Help your customers diversify their side dishes with Campbell’s chunky selected soups as well as other favorites like classic chicken noodle, Italian wedding, or Klondike chili. For a bit of a pasta twist, consider Only Pasta Inc. and its spaghetti, agnolotti ricotta, tortellini cheese, and agnolotti squash. For more traditional sides, Cavendish offers an assortment of different potato products in diced, wedged, straight cut, and skins-on variety. Alasko also offers California or PEI mix vegetables, corn niblets, sliced apples, or butternut squash.

Delicious Desserts

No holiday meal is complete without a deliciously delectable dessert, and your customers will definitely want to indulge a sweet tooth this coming long weekend. Consider stocking up on apple pie, lemon meringue pie, and the ever-seasonal pumpkin pie straight from Apple Valley. Serve with a side of Chapman’s ice cream and you’ve got the perfect end to a Thanksgiving feast. For less indulgent tastes, Master Baker mini delices and tea biscuits can help pace out the evening instead.

Some customers will want to make their own desserts rather than go for something store-bought, so it’s important to meet their needs as well. This can be done with Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting, Dawn eggless cake mix, Callebaut caramel loaf blocks or baking chocolate, and delicious Belgian ganache and dulce de leche from Puratos. Don’t forget the Nutella, either!

Top Tools

In addition to dishes and ingredients, customers will also come to your stores looking for the tools they need to put their thanksgiving meal together. Take this opportunity to stock up on cooking utensils like professional-grade knives, deep-fry thermometers, utility tongs, straight-edge peelers, basters, potato mashers, and meat thermometers. For cooking and serving, consider Handi Foil loaf and pie pans, gravy boats, and an assortment of plastic place settings.

Get Stocked for Thanksgiving with MVR Cash & Carry

At MVR Cash & Carry, our wholesale store is filled to the brim with everything you need run a well-stocked restaurant or store. What makes MVR Cash & Carry the best choice for being your Thanksgiving wholesale supplier this Thanksgiving is that we are not open to the public. Our membership is reserved exclusively for business owners, and we have tailored our inventory to meet all of their professional needs. That means we offer the prices, volume, and top brands that every business wants.

Come by our Toronto warehouse store and pick out the best brands for your customers’ Thanksgiving needs. If you have special requests or specific desires, feel free to look for any of our managers (or even the owner!) on the floor, and we will be happy to do the utmost to satisfy your needs.

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