How to Keep Your Employees (and Customers) Healthy This Winter

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How to Keep Your Employees (and Customers) Healthy This WinterWinter can be a fun and festive time of year, but it’s also when a lot of germs and viruses get spread around. As people cluster indoors, flus and colds can easily start hopping about. Not only does it simply suck to get sick, but it can be frustrating when employees get taken out by illness. Additionally, the potential for an employee to inadvertently infect a customer while trying to “tough it out” can further spread the misfortune around.

Get Vaccinated

The flu vaccine can stop a lot of problems dead in their tracks by providing immunity to the year’s most common strains of the virus. Vaccinations are offered throughout Toronto, sometimes for free, so spending a few minutes getting the shot can save potentially days worth of being bedridden. Look up nearby locations that are offering vaccination and make the information available to your employees.

Stock Up on Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an excellent way to keep germs away and is especially valuable for employees in service positions or other areas where they have to deal with a lot of different surfaces but can’t leave regularly to wash up. For businesses that deal in such products, like convenience stores, stocking up on hand sanitizer makes extra sense since you’ll be seeing an increase in demand. Fortunately, this is an area where MVR has you covered. You can pick up Health Smart hand sanitizer on our shelves in both regular and travel size.

Mind the Meals

Winter is a time when most cultures or religions have significant holidays. This means that both your employees and customers are going to be spending time eating with friends and families. While delicious, these large holiday meals can sometimes bite back, so it’s important to be prepared. MVR offers the friendly pink of Pepto-Bismol, which can offer a rest from indigestion and heartburn from overeating. For store owners, your customers will definitely appreciate being able to find relief.

Stifle the Sniffles

Even if someone isn’t taken out of commission by a cold, the congestion and sniffles can be annoying and disruptive. To help remedy this for employees and customers, try keeping Tylenol on hand. MVR offers extra strength Tylenol for sinus and cold symptoms so that anyone can get welcome relief from runny noses, sinus headaches, fever, and more. If those winter headaches become too annoying, MVR also keeps Advil on hand so both employees and customers can ease more disruptive symptoms. We also have a good stock of Kleenex tissues so that no one will have to put up with runny noses.

Embrace Winter Readiness with MVR Cash & Carry

The thing that makes MVR Cash & Carry the best choice for being your winter survival wholesale supplier is that we are not open to the public. Our membership is reserved exclusively for business owners, and we have tailored our inventory to meet all of your professional requirements. That means we offer the prices, volume, and top brands that every business needs.

Come by our Toronto warehouse store at any point from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and pick out the best brands for your business. If you have special requests or specific needs, feel free to look for any of our managers (or even the owner!) on the floor and we will be happy to do the utmost to satisfy your needs.

How to Keep Your Employees (and Customers) Healthy This Winter MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:39:55 Keep your employees and customers healthy this winter with MVR Cash n Carry. Business owners can stock up on winter care essentials when they become an exclusive member at MVR. blog