MVR Cash & Carry Finishes Warehouse Store Revamp and Realignment

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Toronto, Canada, October 6, 2015 — MVR Cash & Carry (, the largest self-serve food and convenience wholesaler in Ontario, is announcing the completion of their reorganization and realignment efforts. The changes are based on making products more accessible for customers and to reduce elements that could cause delays.

“The changes go right down to the tags,” notes Rob Commisso, co-owner and operator of MVR Cash & Carry. “Everything a customer needs is now included—UPC codes, scan-ready bar codes, shelf location, and individual and bulk price.”

Further effort has been given to organize inventory so that similar products are kept closer together. All grocery and food service items are on one side of the store, termed A-side, while all drink products have been relocated to the other side of the store, termed B-side.

“The bakery has also been expanded and specialty oils have their own wall now,” Commisso adds. “It stretches all the way to the middle of the store.”

Since MVR Cash & Carry’s warehouse is so large, additional efforts have been made to make navigation and finding products easier. Searchable directories have been placed at the beginning and end of each aisle so customers can find what they are looking for. Additionally, store maps can now be found at the start of each aisle and at the main entrance.

“This is on top of having managers in each section for any customer questions,” Commisso concludes. “Everything has become more focused and easier to use. Accessibility and consumer-friendliness is a vital part of any shopping experience, right down to making sure shopping carts are in top condition.”

About MVR Cash & Carry

MVR Cash & Carry is a family-owned and operated wholesale food distributor in Toronto, serving retailers, independent grocery stores, catering companies, and many small businesses. For more information and product offerings from MVR Cash and Carry, visit