MVR Cash & Carry Ready for Toronto’s Winterlicious 2016

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MVR Cash & Carry (, the largest self-serve food and convenience wholesaler in Ontario, eagerly awaits the start of the 2016 Winterlicious culinary series. The event is Toronto’s winter celebration of over 200 different restaurants throughout the city.

“It is, in short, a celebration of a great deal of food,” notes Mike Commisso, co-owner and operator of MVR Cash & Carry. “Toronto has one of the most diverse culinary scenes in North America, and Winterlicious is 12 days of the best the city has to offer.”

In addition to special restaurant deals and meals, Winterlicious also hosts numerous unique food experiences, both interactive and instructive. Examples include pasta-making with Chef Saverio Macri, the interactive comedy dining show Uptown Abbey, and a culinary journey along the breadth of Canada.

“There is something for every taste, both in terms of dining and activity,” explains Commisso. “Winterlicious is truly the time when Toronto’s culinary scene can flaunt its best, and wholesalers have a duty to ensure everything—from food to beverages to decor and take-out containers—remains available for everyone’s needs.”

Winterlicious runs from January 29 to February 11. Reservations are accepted at participating restaurants as early as January 14. Tickets are available now, though event producers need to be contacted individually for their own tickets. Brochure lists of all Winterlicious restaurants and culinary events can be found at Toronto’s City Hall and at the participating restaurants. Once the festival begins, the Winterlicious web site can be consulted for daily reservation options.

“There’s always something for everyone at Winterlicious, and it’s a great time for Torontonians to come together and share their love of food,” Commisso concludes.

MVR Cash and Carry is a family-owned and operated wholesale food distributor in Toronto that serves retailers, independent grocery stores, catering companies, and many small businesses. More information and product offerings from MVR Cash and Carry can be found at

MVR Cash & Carry Ready for Toronto’s Winterlicious 2016 MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:40:02 MVR Cash & Carry, the largest self-serve food and convenience wholesaler in Ontario, anticipates the start of Winterlicious 2016 in Toronto. press