MVR Cash & Carry Unaffected By Mars Recall

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MVR Cash & Carry (, the largest restaurant and convenience store wholesaler in Ontario, wishes to assure consumers, customers, and members that its stock of Mars chocolates is not being affected by the recent recall.

On February 23rd, 2016, Mars, Incorporated issued a voluntary recall of all Snickers, Mars, Milky Way, and Celebrations chocolate products that had been manufactured in a Netherlands factory between December 5, 2015 and January 18, 2016. The decision came in response to the discovery of plastic fragments within a Snickers bar that had been purchased in Germany.

“The recall is largely focused in Europe, but potentially, any retailer in other parts of the world could be affected if they received shipments,” explains Mike Commisso, co-owner and operator of MVR Cash & Carry. “This places wholesalers or third-party retailers in a potentially awkward situation since they can get their stock from a number of different sources.”

Commisso wishes to make it clear that MVR has not been affected by this recall.

“Upon receiving a letter from the Mars company about the recall, management quickly double-checked its Mars stock and can confirm that all of MVR’s Mars products are manufactured within Canada and the United States. This recall, which will hopefully not find other contaminated products, will not impact MVR’s stocks or the quality of the products,” he explains. “This means that vending machine operators, gas stations, convenience stores, and other outlets that get their stock from MVR will not be seeing any Mars shortages any time soon.”

MVR Cash and Carry is a family-owned and -operated wholesale food distributor in Toronto serving retailers, independent grocery stores, catering companies, and many small businesses.

MVR Cash & Carry Unaffected By Mars Recall MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:40:00 MVR Cash & Carry clears up any concerns customers may have over the impact of the Mars product recall. press