MVR Cash & Carry Weighs in on Recent Controversy Surrounding “Made in Canada” Claims

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Toronto, Canada, May 10, 2016 – MVR Cash & Carry (, the largest self-serve food and convenience wholesaler in Ontario, is weighing in on the recent controversy with companies claiming their products are made in Canada, when they are really made overseas.

In recent months there has been much debate over the legitimacy of various “Canadian-made” products, as companies are choosing to outsource their production to countries overseas, particularly Asia. Although many companies, are transparent with this information, opening admitting that their products are made overseas, other Canadian companies feature a “Made in Canada” label, even though part of their production may have in fact occurred elsewhere. (Source: Evans, P., “Moose Knuckles coat maker accused of faking ‘Made in Canada’ claims,” CBC web site, April 27, 2016;
(Source: Yuen, J. “Gear for Team Canada supporters made in China,” The Toronto Sun web site, May 1, 2016;

“It shows people care,” says Mike Commisso, co-owner and operator of MVR Cash & Carry. “Consumers want to support Canadian businesses and Canadian-made goods, so it’s encouraging to see consumers react so strongly when they realize a brand they support might not actually make their products in Canada.”

Under Canadian law, the “Made in Canada” label can only be used if the last substantial transformation of the product occurred in Canada, at least 51% of the total manufacturing or production costs were incurred in Canada, or if the “Made in Canada” label is accompanied by a qualifier mentioning that the product uses imported parts.

Although many consumer products are made overseas where labour is cheaper, there is still substantial interest in promoting Canadian-grown or Canadian-made goods. And this is not exclusive to high-end clothing, either.

“MVR Cash & Carry offers many Canadian-sourced products like fruits, vegetables, eggs, ketchup, cleaning products, and even paper containers or plates, not to mention maple syrup,” Commisso concludes. “There are plenty of Canadian goods on the market that consumers can turn to and trust.”

Commisso also stresses the importance of trying to improve Canada’s economy by producing and selling more Canadian-made goods.

MVR Cash and Carry is a family-owned and-operated wholesale food distributor in Toronto that serves retailers, independent grocery stores, catering companies, and many small businesses. For more information, visit

MVR Cash & Carry Weighs in on Recent Controversy Surrounding “Made in Canada” Claims MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:39:59 MVR Cash & Carry weighs in recent controversy of companies claiming their products are “Made in Canada” press