MVR Cash and Carry Announces New Product Selections and Latest Sale Items

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Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), April 6, 2015 – MVR Cash and Carry (, the largest self-serve food and convenience wholesaler in Ontario, is announcing its new product selection and sale items.

“It’s the beginning of a new season and MVR Cash and Carry is coming out with new selections for its clients, as well as the latest list of our weekly sale items,” says Vince Commisso, vice president of MVR Cash and Carry. “Even those who aren’t members yet can view our e-flyer and get a glimpse of what they could be getting if and when they decide to sign up.”

According to Commisso, one of the new products MVR is offering to start the spring season is Daboom Cakes, which join the company’s already large variety of frozen desserts and ice creams. And as far as sale items that stand out, there is the Ocean Jewel Atlantic Salmon Fillet in addition to other quality seafood, such as breaded shrimp, and Capri Vegetable Oil; customers can expect to get a really good value on all these items.

“At MVR Cash and Carry, the focus is the customer—the ‘little guys,’” he adds. ”That’s why MVR routinely has these special offers and introduces products that are in line with the diverse needs of companies within the GTA.”

Commisso notes that future items coming to MVR Cash and Carry will be focused towards barbeques, including charcoal, grills, utensils, citronella candles to fend off mosquitoes, plastic cutlery and cups, and more.

“We are extremely aware of who we serve and have implemented systems to ensure continued accommodation of our customers,” Commisso concludes. “The food industries and convenience store operations in the GTA have to be supplied with a diverse set of products at low cost, and being able to provide those products at the proper margins is what has made MVR Cash and Carry a successful business.”

Membership is required to become part of MVR Cash and Carry and take advantage of all the great products they offer on a daily basis, but there’s no fee to sign up. For more information on how to become a member, visit

MVR Cash and Carry Announces New Product Selections and Latest Sale Items MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:40:09 MVR Cash and Carry is the largest serve to food and convenience wholesaler in Ontario. They are offering new spring product selections and latest sale items press