MVR Cash and Carry Reminds Public of Fireworks Safety This Victoria Day Weekend

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Toronto, Canada, May 13, 2015 – MVR Cash and Carry (, a leading family-run wholesale supplier in the GTA, is reminding the public to exercise caution and safety as they use fireworks to celebrate the upcoming Victoria Day holiday, Canada Day, and the Pan Am Games.

“We always see an increase in firework sales around this time,” says Vince Commisso, vice president of MVR Cash and Carry. “While we want to encourage celebration and patriotism, we also have to make sure people are celebrating safely, especially around fireworks.”

“MVR Cash and Carry offers a large selection of fireworks from BEM, a well-known, trusted manufacturer,” notes Commisso. “Our selection includes fireworks kits, roman candles, sound shells, barrages, fountains, mines/comets, cake fountains, wheels, and sparklers. We know how much people enjoy fireworks and this weekend is the perfect time to kick off summer with a nighttime light show from MVR. Of course, safety should be key.”

As Commisso notes, safety begins with only setting up fireworks in large, open areas, on a flat surface and only after carefully reading the instructions. A bucket of water or sand must be kept on-hand at all times to extinguish any potential fires. Onlookers should stand a minimum of 20 metres away. Moreover, anyone going near the fireworks must have proper eye protection.

“Hands and fingers are most likely to be injured by fireworks, in addition to the head, face, and eyes,” states Commisso. “Basic safety precautions like eye protection, gloves, and refraining from shooting bottle rockets can eliminate over half of all injuries. Finally, fireworks need to be launched from the ground. They should never be lit when being held, nor should they be thrown in the air.”

Finally, Commisso warns that when a firework fails to launch, do not touch it for at least 30 minutes: “After a half-hour passes, douse it with water before securing it in a metal container. A ‘dud’ firework should never be re-lit or directly inspected.”

“Too many people get hit in the face by looking down a firework’s barrel to see what’s wrong when it doesn’t launch. Fireworks safety means treating them all with caution and acting accordingly. Likewise, parents should ensure their children are always acting safely when holding sparklers, keeping them away from the face and eyes in particular,” advises Commisso.

“Despite all of these cautions and warnings, with the proper safety precautions, fireworks and sparklers can make for the perfect addition to any celebration,” Commisso concludes. “And as a leading trusted wholesale fireworks retailer in the GTA, MVR Cash and Carry is happy to be a part of these celebrations.”

MVR Cash and Carry is a family-owned and operated wholesale distributor in Toronto, serving retailers, independent grocery stores, catering companies, and many small businesses. For more information and product offerings from MVR Cash and Carry, visit

MVR Cash and Carry Reminds Public of Fireworks Safety This Victoria Day Weekend MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:40:08 MVR Cash and Carry a leading family-run wholesale supplier in the GTA is reminding the public to exercise caution when using fireworks this Victoria Day weekend press