Recycle During BBQ Season with MVR

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With the bright sun, less rainy days, and warmer weather, every weekend can be spent on the patio, relaxing and enjoying tasty BBQ. Your customers will be hosting long-weekend parties and having friends over more often to soak in the sun! But all these parties and gatherings can lead to a lot of waste if they’re not using the right cutlery and serving dishes. That’s why we’re offering your store all the compostable and biodegradable food service items you need to help your customers do nature a favour. Here’s what we have to offer you!

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Compostable Take-Away Containers

Whether you’re supplying products from your convenience/grocery store or packing up your customers’ leftovers after dinner at your restaurant, providing eco-friendly food storage items is important. We provide compostable clamshell containers in multiple sizes, so your customers can walk away with packaging that won’t hurt the environment. You can get these containers in bulk at our wholesale store at great prices, too!

Recyclable Cutlery

As wholesale food distributors in Toronto, we understand that recycling is more important than ever. We encourage our customers to choose paper and plastic food service items that can be reused and recycled instead of thrown in a landfill. You can choose from our selection of compostable spoons, knives, and forks, or use our plastic cutlery. These items make cleanup a breeze and protect nature!

Plastic Cups and Straws

Say goodbye to Styrofoam for good and switch to our clear plastic cups and straws! These are light and easy to store, your customers can quickly toss them in the recycling bin, and they’re a hit for BBQs and parties as they make serving drinks worry-free. Your customers can enjoy a long weekend at the cottage without washing dishes or worrying about broken glasses. Be sure to stock up on our great deals and provide these important items to your customers.

Quick Paper Towel Cleanups

Sometimes accidents happen, and that’s why we provide heavy duty, biodegradable paper towels to our customers. These items are affordable and extremely useful for wiping sticky sauce off fingers, clearing spilled drinks off tables, and drying hands after washing. They can be composted or recycled, too! We even sell paper towel dispensers since we are a one-stop shop!

Stock Up for BBQ Season at MVR Cash and Carry

Walk through our aisles at MVR Cash and Carry and you’ll find a variety of biodegradable and compostable food service items. As convenience/grocery store providers and restaurant equipment suppliers in Toronto, we’re your one-stop-shop for all the things you’ll need. We are the best wholesale supplier in the GTA because we are not open to the public—our membership is exclusively for business owners like yourself, and our inventory is designed to meet all your professional needs. We have the best prices, volume, and brands for you to choose from, so wait no longer and visit our store. To see our selection yourself, visit our Toronto warehouse and ask any of our managers, or even the owner, if you require any assistance at all.

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