School Supply Must-Haves for the End of Summer

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There are only a few weeks left before students are back in class for school, which means parents and teachers will be coming to your store in search for great deals on stationery supplies! They will likely prefer to shop from trustworthy brands to give their children and students the best of the best. At MVR Cash and Carry, we’ve stocked our shelves with supplies from the best brands, including Selectum. In fact, we’re having a massive back-to-school sale on Selectum brand items! Excited to fill your shelves with quality stationery products? Here’s what you’ll find at MVR, your wholesale convenience store supplier!

School Supply Must-Haves for the End of Summer

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Carry It Around?

Every student needs to be able to carry their items around without fear of losing them or getting them stolen. Backpacks and lunch bags are an essential item that allows your child to carry their lunch and school supplies safely and helps them stay organized. Also, our lunch bags come at great prices and are sealed tight to keep food items cool or warm.

Arts & Crafts Supplies

Creative kids have no shortage of imagination but being unprepared with the supplies they need can make arts and crafts projects frustrating. Don’t let parents and teachers walk out of your store empty handed. Stock up on arts and crafts supplies from Selectum at MVR. These items include:

  • Training loop smart scissors
  • Precision trim cutters
  • Artist brushes
  • Paint colour sets
  • Glue sticks
  • Liquid glue

Stationary Staples

During our back-to-school sale, you can stock up on the stationary essentials every student needs. Whether they’re writing a test, needing to erase an incorrect math calculation, or organizing handouts from their teachers, there are certain items your shoppers will need. At MVR, you’ll find the following items in our huge sale:

  • Coil notebooks
  • Ruled paper refills
  • Binder (soft/hard cover)
  • Binder clips
  • Paper clips
  • Staples
  • Sharpeners
  • Pencil cases
  • Math sets

Teacher Must-Haves

Stocking up for students is one thing, but there are other supplies your teacher shoppers will need. To make sure you can meet your customers’ needs during the back-to-school season you’ll need items like white boards, magnetic dry-erase markers, cork boards, pins, file folders with pockets, multipurpose copy paper, sticky notes, scientific calculators, and more! Visit our wholesale stationary supply store soon to benefit from this terrific sale!

Get Stocked Up for Teachers & Parents at MVR Cash and Carry

MVR Cash and Carry is one of the most well-known and reliable business supply wholesalers in Toronto and we’re dedicated to helping our convenience store clients get what they need to meet their customers’ needs. We sell a large variety of products that cater exclusively to businesses across all industries, and our back-to-school sale is just what every convenience store owner needs. Since our warehouse is a “members only” location, you can shop and know you are getting the best products, at the best price, without the hassle and rush. Our employees at our Toronto location are always available to answer any questions, take special orders and requests, and help you navigate our extensive inventory. If you have any questions during your visit to our store, ask any of our knowledgeable employees, or speak to the manager. Contact us if you require any additional service. We look forward to helping you!

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