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Christmas Traditions from Around the WorldIt is an understatement to say that Christmas is a big holiday. Countries and cultures from across the globe join together during December to celebrate the birth of Jesus in their own unique ways. Toronto, as one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world, is also home to many of these traditions as Torontonians aim to share in the same festivities from their childhoods. Here are just a small taste of different Christmas traditions that you might find in the city or around the world.

Stuffing Shoes

Germany has several different holiday traditions depending on region, but one of the more common practices is that children will set out a single shoe on the evening of December 5. This is so that Saint Nicholas will come during the night and fill the shoes of good children with sweets and chocolates for when they awake on the 6th, which is Saint Nicholas’s Day. Iceland has a similar tradition, but there the shoes are set out during the 12 days of Christmas between December 26th and January 6th.

Fish and Cake

In Italy, tradition dictates that no meat (sometimes no dairy either) is eaten on Christmas Eve. Instead, seafood is often the meal of choice. In America, this is sometimes known as the Feast of the Seven Fishes and includes dishes such as salted cod, clams, calamari, sardines, and even eels. On Christmas Day, panettone is the festive treat of choice. This dry, sometimes fruity, sponge cake is typically enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate.


In French, réveil means “reawakening,” and a réveillon is a long dinner that is held on Christmas Eve and regularly extends past midnight. Réveillon is practiced in Europeans countries like Belgium, France, and Portugal, as well as in North American cities like Quebec, New Orleans, New Brunswick, and certain parts of northern Ontario. Traditional réveillon food leans towards the luxurious side and features dishes like roast turkey with chestnuts, fois gras, lobster, oysters, and venison. In Quebec specifically, a tortière (diced meat pie) is included as well. For dessert, a chocolate sponge cake in the shape of a log (the “buche de Noel”) is eaten along with the “thirteen desserts.” This part of the meal is meant to represent Jesus and the 12 apostles and usually consists of dried nuts and fruit, fresh fruit, along with various sweets and chocolates.

Mummers, Jannies, and Belsnickers

Newfoundland has a tradition called “mummering” or “jannying.” Regardless of the name given, the practice is generally the same. People will dress up in costumes and disguise their voice and go door to door where they sing, dance, and share cake or chocolates. Depending on how the tradition is observed, the homeowner has to guess who the disguised people are and must join in if they fail. In Nova Scotia, a similar tradition persists that is called “Belsnickeling,” where the main difference is that the costumes are usually of Santa and there is an emphasis on musical instruments.


In Mexico, special piñatas have a role in Christmas celebrations. These piñatas are usually shaped like animals, birds, or like a ball with seven “spikes” to represent the deadly sins. Children are blindfolded and take turns trying to break open the piñata with a stick, at which point the candy and chocolates inside will pour out for everyone to enjoy. Candy and chocolates are also exchanged on January 6th, the day of Epiphany.

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