Spring Dining Trends for 2017

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Spring Dining Trends for 2017Spring is right around the corner! With it’s arrival its brings warmer, more sunnier weather, a welcoming change from the sub-zero temperatures in the GTA right now. Spring is about embracing healthier, nutritious choices. The winter blues make it hard to stick to healthy diets and workout routines, but as soon as the snow melts and the sun beams bright, people are heading outdoors to get exercise. Restaurants that want to take advantage of health-conscious customers should pay attention to these healthy food options perfect for spring!

Seafood and Veggies

Vegan and vegetarian cooking have increased in popularity over the years. Consumers are on the lookout for healthy alternatives to their favourite foods and are venturing to all-vegan restaurants or looking for organic food options. (That means no unhealthy preservatives or chemicals, and only fresh, locally-grown ingredients.) One genre that is popular in spring is sea vegetables like seaweed, which has an irresistible salty flavour and adds a fishy tang to the meal. The blend of veggies, raw fish, seeds and beans make for a tasty and healthy meal. So for restaurant owners who specialize in East Asian dishes, you can turn your sushi dishes into a full plate to satisfy your guests.

Pickled and Fermented Food

Kimchi has been popular for a few years, and the trend is only gaining in popularity as spring arrives. Fermented or pickled dishes such as kombucha and Yucatan pickles are gut-friendly foods that help people with bloating, fertility problems, irritable bowel syndrome, immunity, low energy, and low libido. Talk about a miracle in a bowl!

Meat Alternatives

Jackfruit is a South Asian fruit that will be buzzing this spring. The solid fruit weighs about 30 pounds and is loved among vegans because of its meaty texture. The fruit has been used as a substitute for pulled pork, and its pineapple-mango flavour makes it all the more irresistible. So while spring is the time for working out, going for runs, and ditching the junk food, restaurants can meet their customers’ needs by creating delicious vegan or vegetarian options!

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