Stock Up on Hardware and Decorations for the Holidays

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Closeup image of golden baubles on Christmas tree at fireplace

The holiday season has finally arrived and there’s no time like the present to stock up on hardware and decorations for your customers! Whether you need to revamp your décor for your restaurant, stock up on decorations for your convenience store, or want to plan a corporate event for your clients, here are some of the essentials that you can find at MVR Cash & Carry. From serving trays for bartenders, to ornaments and centerpieces for table tops, we can be your one-stop-shop for all your holiday hardware needs.

Serving Trays

At MVR, we supply a wide range of serving trays for drinks and appetizers. They vary in prices and materials, so you can find a tray that suits your needs and complements your decor. We provide a silver swirl round tray, a cork tray to prevent slips, and an easy hold tray as well. So, whether you are serving tasty fruit and cheese tarts, or delicious wines, your bartenders and servers will have what they need to serve your guests. We also provide gravy boats, serving tools for different types of food, butane culinary torches, roasting pans, and beautifully festive paper plates, cups, and napkins that are perfect for Christmas.

Bartender Must-Haves

If your restaurant has a bar, you will want to make sure that your servers have all of the tools they need to serve the extra customers that may come in during the holidays. For example, at MVR you will find a wide selection of wine buckets, shot glasses, whiskey glasses, and glass decanters. Our selection of serving trays also work great for sending appetizers and beverages to customer tables.

Disposable Utensils

A lot of people may opt to rent a party room for their holiday parties, so if you own a convenience store, you may want to provide disposable plates, cups, and utensils to make cleanup a breeze. Stop by our wholesale store to find a variety of bright red plastic cups, table cloths, and white plates and utensils so your customers can host a one-of-a-kind get-together with an authentic holiday feel, while also being practical. They won’t have to worry about broken dishes, so guests can enjoy themselves all night.

More Holiday Decorations

In addition to all of our practical supplies, we also provide festive items to get your customers and guests into the holiday spirit. Our holiday decorations include Christmas trees, ornaments, holiday centrepieces, candles, light-up glass decorations, angels, Christmas lights, and much more.

Get the Best Holiday Stock at MVR Cash and Carry

Why choose MVR Cash and Carry as your holiday wholesale supplier? Aside from our enormous selection of bartender must-haves and holiday decorations, we offer our membership exclusively to business owners and we have tailored our inventory to meet all of your professional needs. That means we offer the best prices, volume, and top brands that every business needs. Ready to stock up your store or restaurant? Come by our Toronto warehouse store and choose from the best holiday supplies, food, and decorations for your business. If you have special requests or specific needs, feel free to look for any of our managers (or even the owner!) on the floor and we will be happy to do our best to satisfy your needs.

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