Stock Up on These Must-Have Cake Supplies for Bakers and Caterers

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Cake Supplies for Bakers and CaterersBaking decorative and delicious cakes is an art form that should be revered, cherished, and celebrated. A baker is nothing, though, without high-quality ingredients and supplies with which to fashion their masterful creations. That’s why MVR Cash and Carry is a proud wholesaler that supplies some of Toronto’s top bakeries with the right tools to create only the most beautiful and unique cake designs possible.

Flour and Sugar

MVR carries several of the leading flour and sugar brands, including Puratos and Betty Crocker so that you have the option of using whichever products best suit your needs and give you that competitive edge over other bakers. Our whole wheat, white, and 00 flour varieties are the perfect addition to your cake ingredient inventory because we only offer the best brands in the industry for your satisfaction and the enjoyment of your customers.

Fabulous Flavours!

Aside from gorgeous and unique designs, the flavour of the cake is also very important. No matter what the occasion—whether it’s a birthday, wedding, family get-together, or a special holiday—there’s no denying that cakes bring people together. Your customers will not only marvel at how beautiful you cakes are, but once they take one bite, they’ll also be amazed at how delicious they are as well. Whether you’re going for decadent or light flavours, we’ve got tons of delightful flavourings, including: cocoa butter, vanilla extract, various jellies, cream fillings, and so much more to help bring your vision to life and make your customers’ taste buds sing with joy.

Cake Fillings

Have you ever bitten into a cake or pastry and been pleasantly surprised by an unexpectedly scrumptious filling? That element of surprise will take your homegrown cake business or bakery over the top. Even customers who don’t normally enjoy filling will be in awe of the amazing things you can produce for them with the right types of ingredients and tools at your fingertips. We offer an array of filling types and flavours such as cream, ganache, mousse, pudding, fudge, icing, and so much more. In terms of flavours, you can choose from raspberry, banana, blueberry, vanilla, chocolate, and so much more!

Cake Baking Tools

Flavour is one thing, but you also need the right baking tools and utensils to help put all of the ingredients together to create your masterpieces. Whisks, mixing bowls, cake stands, cake boxes (with or without the windows), icing bags, icing bag holders, aprons, brand named mixers, funnels, spatulas, measuring cups, scales, baking sheets etc. Everything you could possibly think of to complete your commercial pantry can be found in our extensive warehouse and our staff is always available to help you find anything you need.

MVR Cash and Carry is a comprehensive supplier of all kinds of commercial baking goods, ingredients, and kitchen tools so that our customers have everything they need to create beautiful cakes that are suitable for every occasion. We proudly serve and cater to local Toronto businesses, supplying them with all kinds of applications and products they need to successfully run their businesses. Since we’re closed to the public, we’re able to focus on the most important aspect of our business: helping local business owners succeed in their own professional endeavours. Our prices are comparable to other wholesalers and our friendly staff is always available to answer any questions, place special orders for items, and help you navigate through our large product inventory.

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