Summer Menu Ideas for Restaurants

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With the long, cold winter behind us, many restaurant owners are turning their attention to planning out their summer menus; that includes plenty of salads, fish, and chicken. Summer foods will be in season soon, and as a restaurateur, you’re likely planning out your menu and looking for supplies for your menu.

Here are a few of the upcoming trends in summer foods to help keep you up-to-date:

Picnic Menus

Customers may just be looking to take their food with them on outings. Packaging summer foods in picnic-style containers and wrapping during the season can add a unique touch. As for which food, summer delicacies such as cheeses, salads, dressings, and meats, including smoked salmon and chicken breasts, make excellent menu items for summer picnics.

Items for Kids

With summer vacation rapidly approaching, many parents are looking for ways to keep their children occupied during the summer months and an outing to a favourite restaurant is one option. Offering items for the little ones is an excellent way to bring in extra business; look towards kid-friendly foods such as quesadillas, but be careful to ensure that the food on your children’s menu isn’t as spicy as the items for grown-ups.

Barbecue Items

One of the staples of summer might be the backyard barbecue, but many people prefer having someone else do the cooking for them rather than standing outside in the sweltering heat. Virtually any food, from meat to vegetables, can be prepared on a grill; sauces, whether pre-made or prepared yourself, will bring added flavour to barbecued foods.

Healthy Menu Items

It’s time to get in shape for summer, and when health-conscious people are looking to dine out, they favour salads or dessert items made with fruit or natural ingredients. As they get more serious about their fitness, they may also look for foods that provide energy (i.e. protein), which your summer menu should reflect.

Breakfast and Brunch Items

You may be aware of how popular brunches have become in the GTA in recent years. Fresh fruits, pancakes, waffles, French toast, and even salads are popular brunch items, and with summer foods in season, now is the time to start stocking up.

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Summer Menu Ideas for Restaurants MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:40:08 MVR Cash and Carry provide summer menu ideas for restaurants. It is benefits of all restaurant owners. Its include salads, fish, chicken and summer foods. blog