Tasty Caribbean Seasonings for Summer Catering

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Taste of the Caribbean with MVR Cash and Carry


If you are a caterer that serves traditional dishes from around the world, you’ll know how many people enjoy Caribbean dishes. Especially during the summer time, when people are returning from their vacations on the islands, you may want to stock up on Caribbean seasonings to make dishes that remind them of their holidays. Tasty meals like jerk chicken with rice, callaloo and ox tail, or papaya on the side of salt fish and bake, are a hit with Trinidadians, Jamaicans, Dominicans, and other Caribbeans. To make sure you can serve up the tastiest dishes from the islands, here are some ingredients you need to stock up on.

Jerk Everything

One of the most popular and delicious Caribbean foods is a Jamaican style of cooking meat or fish, where allspice and habanero peppers are combined to create a juicy and delicious meal. At MVR Cash and Carry, you will find a huge selection of ingredients to make the perfect jerk. We provide Walkserswood Jerk Seasoning, Grace Jamaican Jerk Seasoning in hot or mild, and Ed Smith Caribbean Jerk Sauce. This dish is full of flavour and a good amount of heat. It’s doubtful you will have any leftovers, but any extra seasoned meat can be sliced up and used the next day in a tasty salad!

Cajun Cravings

Making the perfect Cajun chicken all comes down to flavour. You can do everything right but without the perfect spice and flavour, the dish just isn’t the same. That’s why you should stop by MVR and stock up on our paprika, and Ed Smith Cajun sauce. You can cook it any way you like for a traditional Cajun meal, or slice up the chicken breasts (which we also provide) and layer it on top of salads. The spice is right and your guests will not be able to resist filling themselves with your mouthwatering Cajun chicken.

Sweet Dumplings

MVR’s Johnny Cake Festival Mix is a must-have if you are serving jerk chicken, or any Caribbean dish! This mildly sweet and irresistible dumpling mix is traditionally served with jerk meats, but it works as a tasty snack that guests will be going back for again and again. If you want to make your own dumplings, MVR supplies all your baking needs, including cornmeal, baking powder, flour, sugar, salt, and cooking oil. You’ll be able to make your own, or create your own twist on this traditional side dish.

Get a Taste of the Caribbean with MVR Cash and Carry

If your catering business prides itself on making authentic dishes from the Caribbean, you’ll want to make sure you have all the right ingredients. Caribbean food takes extra attention to come out just right, so if you forget a seasoning ingredient, your dish won’t be the same. This is why MVR Cash and Carry’s wholesale store is the one-stop shop for everything our clients need to prepare the most delicious traditional foods. Our selection of food ingredients, serving utensils, drinks, and decorations are supplied by the best brands, so no matter who you’re serving or what you’re serving, we’ve got everything you need. Our membership is exclusively for business owners and our inventory is designed to meet all of your professional needs. We can walk you through our store and bring you to the ingredients you need. As the best wholesale supplier in the Greater Toronto Area, we have the best prices, volume, and brands out there for your restaurant or convenience store. To see our selection yourself, visit our Toronto warehouse and ask any of our managers, or even the owner, if you require any assistance at all. We will do our very best to help you.

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