The Benefits of MVR Cash and Carry

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MVR Cash-Carry- ArticleYou may have heard the phrase “cash and carry” tossed around, but have no idea what it means. Simply put, cash and carry refers to a business model that requires customers to pay up front for their purchases, removing the need for invoicing. For business owners, this virtually eliminates the need to reconcile their accounts receivable. Businesses can then focus all of their attention on what truly matters: providing excellent customer service and selling top-quality, cost-effective products to their clients.

At MVR Cash and Carry, we are well-known as a one-stop shop for many retailers and food establishments across the GTA. We understand that the cash and carry business can be quite beneficial for our clients—namely providing them with lower prices and quality products.

The Benefits of MVR Cash and Carry include:

When retailers or restaurant owners purchase their products from a wholesaler, they generally have to deal with a minimum wholesale order—this is typically used as a means to increase sales volume. At MVR Cash and Carry, there is no minimum order required. We are a family-owned and operated business and understand the need to provide all of our customers with the absolute best customer service—that is why our service is not dependent on a “minimum order” rule.

Our cash and carry method is an attractive option—it’s a convenient way for our customers to purchase from our wide selection of products on an as-needed basis. We offer everything from fresh produce to frozen and packaged foods and even non-food items—you will find an immense variety of products from every category in our 100,000-square-foot store! Whether you’re looking for staple products, exotic produce, kitchen supplies, chef’s uniforms or speciality kitchen hardware—we carry it all in a convenient, one-stop location. We are closed to the public, so rest assured our attention will be focused on you—the client.

Another huge benefit of MVR Cash and Carry is how we strive to meet the product needs of all our customers. We carry a variety of well-known brands that cover all departments, including home and hardware, health and beauty, janitorial services and the food and beverage industries. We endeavour to ensure our products are always in stock and that special requests are fulfilled. We value our customers at MVR Cash and Carry. If you have a special request or would like to pre-order items, please don’t hesitate to let us know—we will always go the extra mile for our customers. It’s this special care for our valued customers that sets us apart from other wholesalers.

As we are a cash and carry business, our prices are cost-effective—especially in comparison to wholesalers who spend extra money on deliveries and invoicing. At MVR Cash and Carry, we offer special skid prices and bulk prices for when you want to stock up. We have a fast (and friendly) cash service; we also accept debit cards and all credit cards, although we charge a small two-percent service fee to all credit card orders.

Family-owned and operated, MVR Cash and Carry is a one-stop, cash and carry shop for a variety of service industry providers across the GTA, including restaurants, food services at healthcare facilities, caterers, and more. As wholesale food suppliers, we carry a wide selection of products that will let you provide the best service for your customers. Contact us today or register for a membership to shop at out conveniently located warehouse close to Highway 400 in North York.

The Benefits of MVR Cash and Carry MVR Cash and Carry 2018-12-11 06:40:10 MVR Cash and Carry is a fast cash service and one stop shop for all consumers providing a great selection of foods & kitchen supplies with no minimum orders. blog