Winter Tips for Convenience Store Owners

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Canadian Money and Cash RegisterFor many GTA store owners, the post-holiday period can be slow; this includes convenience stores. The first few months of the year are lacking in major special occasions, plus many people prefer to do most of their shopping at a grocery store so they have to venture into the cold as little as possible.

However, Toronto convenience store suppliers can still make the most of the season with the following tips to increase sales during the first quarter of the year:


Experiment with Store Layouts

Convenience stores typically have a smaller floor space, but this can be used to your advantage. Create a kinetic experience for your customers by moving items around; this will also draw customers to certain items to increase profits. In addition, rotating items regularly year-round helps to give your store a fresh look and brings different items to your customers’ attention.

Have Sales for Special Occasions

While post-holidays are typically a slow period for the retail sector, there are still many occasions convenience store owners can take advantage of, such as Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl. Someone is sure to forget to pick up a gift for their spouse or have to make a last-minute purchase before the big game, so use this to your advantage and create sales around these events. Many convenience store suppliers in Toronto will stock items related to these dates and, after the big day, offer them for a discounted rate. For instance, customers with a sweet tooth will doubtlessly want to stock up on marked-down candy following Valentine’s Day.

Evaluate Your Sales

The slow period during the first quarter of the year in Toronto gives convenience store owners the chance to check their sales and determine which items are selling well and which they should discontinue to make room for new ones. This is an excellent way to both increase your profits and provide a better experience for your customers by stocking items they need.

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